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All Your Monitoring In One Console


Get deep insight into the performance of your WildFly application servers and applications that run on them, troubleshoot performance bottlenecks before they affect your end users, and ensure optimal performance of your WildFly environment.
With detailed performance metrics, troubleshooting capabilities and powerful reports, JBoss application server monitoring can’t get easier.
ManageEngine Applications Manager’s Java Runtime Monitoring provides out-of-the-box remote monitoring and management of the Java platform and of applications that run on it.You can monitor JVM Performance and monitor threads of a production application. The different JVM vendors supported by Applications Manager are Sun JVM, IBM JVM and Oracle JRockit JVM.
In large-scale distributed environments, admins face a huge challenge in terms of efficiently monitoring multiple Tomcat servers. ManageEngine’s Applications Manager helps you overcome this challenge by providing in-depth visibility into the performance, availability, and usage statistics of Tomcat Servers.
As a high performing application server, Resin is highly popular for its easy setup and its ability to enable web apps quickly. Manage all your Resin app servers efficiently with ManageEngine’s Applications Manager, which takes a closer look at the overall performance of these servers by proactively diagnosing issues , providing instant notifications and saving a lot of troubleshooting time.
A web application server based on the open-source Apache Tomcat, VMware vFabric tc Server is the choice of the industry today for building and running modern virtual and cloud applications.It is the runtime server which is part of the vFabric cloud application platform. Also with the built-in Spring applications, vFabric tc Server has been successful in satisfying the needs of numerous IT and application operation teams. ManageEngine Applications Manager helps in monitoring the performance and availability of the vFabric tc Server and Spring applications, thus ensuring your business-critical cloud services perform as expected. learn more…


Applications Manager is an agentless Oracle performance monitoring software that provides multi-dimensional analysis, out-of-the-box oracle database monitoring reports and performance metrics to help you analyze the database server usage, availability and server health.
Applications Manager’s MySQL Server monitoring capability helps database administrators monitor the performance and availability of a MySQL database farm. It is an agentless monitoring solution that provides out-of-the-box performance metrics to ensure that the MySQL database server is running efficiently.
In the midst of several database offerings, IBM Informix is one such database server that is well known for its ease of use, high levels of performance and scalability due to which it is largely deployed in many business applications.
PostgreSQL is one of the most widely used object relational database management systems (ORDBMS) in the world today. Since database servers such as PostgreSQL are at the core of many business-critical services, any failure or performance degradation of PostgreSQL can impact multiple services that depend on it.
NoSQL databases like Cassandra and MongoDB are designed to support massive data processing and storage. Cassandra database systems are highly scalable and fault-tolerant. Hence, Cassandra clusters with a multitude of nodes can greatly increase the complexity of your data infrastructure. Understanding the performance of your Cassandra clusters is critical for diagnosing issues and planning capacity.
MongoDB is a NoSQL database designed for ease of development and scalability to support massive data processing and storage. Since NoSQL databases, like MongoDB and Cassandra, allow for virtually unlimited scaling of applications, they greatly increase application infrastructure complexity. Monitoring is a critical component of database administration for diagnosing issues and planning capacity.


Applications Manager monitors Solaris systems. Each Sun Solaris system is first discovered and then the CPU activity, complete memory utilization, local and remote system statistics are being monitored.
ManageEngine Applications Manager’s solution for Windows server monitoring empowers administrators by providing support for a hetrogeneous set of windows servers and applications. ManageEngine Applications Manager provides an agentless approach to server monitoring ,which and also ensures that CPU Utilization, Memory, Disk etc are within permissible usage.
Applications Manager monitors the performance of IBM AIX Systems. First, Applications Manager discovers each AIX machine and then monitors the CPU activity, complete memory utilization, and local and remote system statistics.
Applications Manager monitors Mac System’s performance. First, Applications Manager discovers each Mac OS machine and then monitors the CPU activity, memory utilization, disk utilization, etc.,

The Mac OS Management feature optimizes Mac OS system performance, delivers comprehensive management reports and ensures availability through automated event detection and correction. Applications Manager also monitors processes that are running in the Mac OS system.

ManageEngine Applications Manager provides IT administrators with a comprehensive solution to proactively monitor the health of business-critical Novell servers. This lets you identify and resolve problems before they can have an adverse impact on your business.
ManageEngine® Applications Manager provides out-of-the-box Linux Server monitoring capabilities. It helps the operations team ensure the servers are up (ping) and also run at peak performance by monitoring CPU usage, memory utilization, processes, disk utilization, disk I/O Stats.


Microsoft Hyper-V is a hypervisor-based virtualization solution for x86-64 systems and an important player in the booming server virtualization space. ManageEngine Applications Manager provides comprehensive performance metrics to monitor your Microsoft Hyper-V servers and their guest virtual machines, and helps you ensure they are performing well at all times. With out-of-the-box reports, graphical views, alarms, thresholds and comprehensive fault management capabilities, IT administrators can maximize Hyper-V server uptime and ensure their Hyper-V environment runs at peak performance.
VMWare provides the most comprehensive solution for server virtualization today. ManageEngine Applications Manager provides comprehensive performance metrics to monitor your VMware ESX/ESXi servers and their guest virtual machines, and helps you ensure they are performing well at all times. Applications Manager connects with VMware ESX/ESXi servers through APIs and determines the health status as well as the performance of host servers and their corresponding virtual machines.

With out-of-the-box reports, graphical views, alarms, thresholds and comprehensive fault management capabilities, administrators can maximize ESX server uptime and ensure that the guest virtual machines of the ESX/ESXi servers are running at peak performance.

ManageEngine Applications Manager provides comprehensive performance metrics to monitor your VMware ESX/ESXi servers and their guest virtual machines, and helps you ensure they are performing well at all times.
Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) implementations such as the VMware Horizon View helps enterprises combat rising data center costs and management headaches. However, many VDI implementations never reach production level due to costly downtime issues, poor performance and end-user complaints.

Applications Manager enables comprehensive performance monitoring of the entire VMware Horizon View service to ensure a healthy VDI environment. It helps you drill down into the Horizon View implementation and its underlying components, including the View connection broker, hypervisor, VMs, applications, active directory, database, servers and storage hardware. It enables you to minimize downtime, quickly identify performance issues and take corrective action before the end users are affected.

Cost savings, energy savings, operational efficiency from resource sharing are some of the many reasons why enterprises are moving their most mission-critical business applications to virtual platforms like Citrix XenServer. Since virtualized infrastructures are expected to deliver better performance than physical infrastructures, it is critical to ensure proactive monitoring of the infrastructure.

Applications Manager discovers your entire Citrix Infrastructure and determines the health and performance of the host servers and their corresponding virtual machines.

Citrix XenApp is a popular solution for virtual application delivery which provides secure and remote access to Windows applications and desktops from any device. The biggest challenge for an admin is to exactly pinpoint the source of slowness in an application running on a Citrix XenApp server. Applications Manager helps in quickly drilling down to the root cause of a problem in XenApp, resolve slowness in applications, providing a better user experience.


The SAP architecture is complex and is composed of a number of disparate elements and multi-tiered applications. Each element must be performing optimally to ensure responsive, reliable service levels. Managing such a complex system is a very daunting task.
ManageEngine’s Applications Manager rectifies this problem by helping users identify the root cause of a problem, aiding in faster troubleshooting, making the process much simpler
Ensure high performance of applications in production, improve productivity and gain visibility into your entire Siebel environment – from end users through to application servers and databases – with Applications Manager. Oversee and manage application service levels. View your enterprise’s entire application stack so you can better prioritize and take corrective actions before availability problems affect customer service quality.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an enterprise-wide CRM solution, that focuses on increasing a firm’s ROI through sales, marketing and customer service modules. It is imperative to determine any issues that might hamper the overall availability of this solution as any case of downtime can adversely affect the firm’s revenue.

Applications Manager digs deeper into the Microsoft CRM environment, by monitoring performance counters, user transactions and event logs, to quickly uncover and rectify any issues thereby improving its overall performance and availability.

Oracle E-Business Suite is a suite of enterprise business applications software that helps in running various operations of the business efficiently, be it internal or customer facing . It is comprised of disparate modules like Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Service Management, Portfolio Management, Supply Chain Management, and many more.

Due to the complex multi-tier architecture, monitoring these applications is a very difficult task, making it nearly impossible for an IT admin to detect the cause of a failure, in the event of a downtime.